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Anna Julia Cooper School believes that education deepens life. True education instills a sense of mystery and wonder and a love for God and our neighbor. Education is essentially liberating. It helps us discern the right path and to follow it. This is freedom: having the strength of mind to love and serve. We believe that every child is created for this freedom and the education that helps brings it about. God sustains us in this pursuit and the example of Jesus remains our highest standard.


Anna Julia Cooper School works to prepare graduates who:

  • excel academically;
  • persevere in the face of challenges;
  • care for themselves and each other; and
  • become leaders in their homes and communities.

The School’s small classes, structured support, extended school days, and faith-based foundation provide academic, social, and spiritual instruction in a nurturing environment. We challenge students to discover and develop the fullness of their individual gifts, a challenge we exhort them to meet through their own hard work. We seek to prepare graduates who will contribute actively to the society they will inherit. And while we honor individual achievement, we value most deeply those contributions which make the community stronger.

At AJC, “curriculum” is as much about a student learning to write a solid paragraph as it is about him or her learning to self-regulate, care for others, and practice those kinds of non-academic skills which are as valuable and essential for success as academic skills:  perseverance, hope, confidence, delayed gratification and kindness.  To that end, all staff and teachers at AJC are as much social workers as they are teachers.

Anna Julia Cooper School
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